Caryn’s mission is to see that our future generations become multilingual and culturally competent.

Caryn began speaking foreign languages from a young age and has always been fascinated with language acquisition and other cultures and customs. Her passion led her to the Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics where she graduated with high honors. It was there that she cultivated her understanding of how children learn languages and its connection to their cognitive development. When Caryn had her own child and wanted to teach him foreign languages at a young age, she found nothing on the market that put into practice what she had learned. That inspired Caryn to embark on developing a comprehensive program, the end result being the award-winning, innovative Early Lingo Learning System. 

Caryn works with underprivileged schools in the United States, including the LAUSD Mayor’s Partnership Schools and has created language workshops for Police Activities Leagues in the Los Angeles area. She continues to educate children about language and culture through workshops at schools, libraries and afterschool programs. In 2013 she partnered with a private trust to bring the Early Lingo English Language Learning Initiative to Fiji where the Ministry of Education approved the program for use throughout the school system.

On a global scale, Caryn has created The Young Global Citizens Initiative, educating children on how to become productive and successful members of society in our increasingly interconnected world. 

Caryn has appeared on CNN/HLN, ABC, Fox News & Fox affiliates and CBS, as a 21st Century Parenting, Language and Culture expert. She is a member of the World Forum Foundation and is on the Advisory Board of Global Chamber. 

Caryn is the Founder and CEO of Early Lingo, Inc. 

“I believe that bilingual children will make the world a better place, as language is a pathway to peace.”