Caryn Antonini is a 21st Century Parenting Expert, on air contributor, entrepreneur, linguist and speaker. Caryn’s desire to help people has led her on a journey throughout the world to foster understanding and empowerment through language.

If our children are to one day effectively compete in the global marketplace and take a seat at the world’s table, we must give them the power of language.”


“I was the little kid who would get sucked into the commercials that showed how for just 70 cents a day you could help disadvantaged children around the world. I wanted to so badly to exchange photos and letters with a child in another country. During our family travels as a child, I saw firsthand, many of these children around the world who were lacking basic needs like proper education, healthcare, nutrition and clothing. I wanted to help them all. I also wanted to learn their languages so I could really connect with them.

Today I am helping children around the globe – from the language series I created to the talks I give to help them understand their value in the world. I also speak to parents on how to best raise children in the 21st century for personal and academic success. Kids, language and 21st century parenting are a few of my biggest passions. In my spare time you might find me off on little adventures with my own kids, cooking, traveling, playing tennis, reading or talking, talking, talking…. in one language or another…”

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