If you suddenly find yourself with old and broken crayon pieces, instead of throwing them out, turn them into colorful candles! This is an easy and useful project that is sure to please even the non-crafty types.


Crayon pieces, paper removed
Glass jars – votive candle size, small jam jars, etc.
Cheese grater or knife for shaving

Wick holders
Candle wicks
Paraffin wax

Remove the paper from crayons and chop crayons into very small pieces. Shave or grate the paraffin wax into small pieces. This will make it easier to melt the wax. In a double broiler or heat proof glass measuring cup in a water bath, heat a small handful of paraffin wax until it reaches liquid form. While heating, measure a piece of candle wick to fit your glass container and tie a small knot at the bottom of the wick. Slide a wick holder over it and place in the bottom of the glass jar. Pour the melted wax over it and hold it in place. 

Combine and slowly heat about a ½ cup of paraffin wax and 1 crayon, broken into small pieces. When it reaches liquid form, pour into the glass jar. If you wish to add another color or level, wait 30 minutes until it has hardened. Then repeat the process as often as you like.

Have fun!